Hey look its me singing songs about stupid stuff at the barn show last night.
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u wanna go u fookin boob shirt alrigh tim fromm spruse mt mk fook u up

you omfg

*Kissing your thighs* u are a princess.


Jaja I need Your help on my tumbler. Can you kik me ?

Sure, what’s your Kik?

Spread skippy peanutbutter on my ass and call me Sampson

Spread Nutella on my thighs and pee on me

Beat the shit out of me while you sing itzy bitzy spider

Strangle me with an iPhone five charger

Throw poop at my friends & family while they mourn for me

Throw me Ina pit of hypodermic needles

Eat my flesh at dinner

Save the bones and make jewelry with them

Tie me to a ceiling fan and turn it on

Run me over with a mountain bike and kick me in the ass before you ride away

Burn down a hospital while I’m in surgery

Run inside to save me but only get half away and die yourself

Brian Huntress (via brianhuntress)
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My beers are disappointments i can’t fathom into to my kids.
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